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We offer management consultation and training in the field of Quality and Excellence covering topics such as Quality Problem solving tools, ISO 9001 certification preparation, EFQM Model implementation and recognition, preparation for Excellence and Quality Awards, Benchmarking, Process Management, Managing Human Resources and Innovation Management.   


All training and consultation are provided both in Arabic and English

EFQM Model - Whats NEW?

During this 1-day training targeting audience familiar with EFQM 2013 Excellence model , you will learn about the new EFQM Model and what are the updates in the criteria and RADAR methodology. This will cover also the changes in the feedback report, recognition and other new developments

ISO 9001:2015 implementer training

During this 3-day training, You will learn how to apply ISO 9001:2015 in your organization and prepare for external certification audit. the training will take you through the standard clues by clues explaining what need to be done to comply. training on conducting successful internal audit will also be shared.

Introduction to Business Canvas Model

This 2-days training focuses on introducing Business Model Canvas, a strategic management framework that can be implemented when developing new or documenting current business model. The training will cover the the nine critical elements of the canvas as well as the value proposition canvas. some other strategic concepts will also be covered like blue ocean strategy, differentiation and competition and assessing your business model 

Innovation frameworks, tools and techniques
Practical Benchmarking, ES way
Benchmarking trips

During this 3 days course you will explore different strategic frameworks that can be utilized to create and stimulate innovation culture in organizations. You will also get introduced to several tools and techniques that can help stimulate the creative and innovative thinking in the organization such as SCAMPER, Kanoo Analysis and Business Opportunity Map

During this 2 days course; you will learn how to prepare a team to conduct effective benchmarking program using award winning ES methodology. The process is desgined to best utilize the benchmarking time and maximize the benifit.

We organize international benchmarking trips to Europe and US award winning organizations to examine best practices on site. The 5 days trip includes a preparation workshop utilizing ES award winning benchmarking methodology, a visit to at least two award winning organizations and a wrap up workshop. We are leaders in this field with many benchmarking exercises conducted in the past years both locally and internationally.

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